revvll ONE pushing exercise overhead downward

Pushing exercises with a rope? Only with the revvll

man revvll ONE pushing exercise indoors

A new kind of rope training

A rope is generally used in three different ways in Functional Training:
  • you pull the rope
  • you climb up the rope
  • you swing the rope (see Battle Ropes)
The different training styles of rope training often result from the fact that a rope has a start and an end or that there is a dead weight connected at the end which significantly restricts the range of motion. What happens, though, when the rope suddenly becomes an endless rope? And when the resistance is no longer created by the dead weight but directly at the suspension point which itself is height-adjustable as well? Then, you get completely new functional training opportunities with a rope. Like pushing exercises, for example.

Pushing exercises with a rope?

The brand-new revvll ONE and its already established big brother, revvll PRO, possess an endless rope as central element which gives you completely new training opportunities. Since the resistance of the rope is created inside the case of the revvll and thanks to its light weight, the revvll can be suspended almost anywhere. This allows for movement patterns that have not been possible with ropes until now. For example, you can suspend the revvll from a rack, turn your back to the revvll, and push the rope down right in front of your body. Or you position yourself sideways to the revvll and move the rope solely by rotating your upper body. You have never used a training rope like this!

High time under tension

If you have already trained with a rope before and used it by pulling a dead weight with it you surely know the feeling that the high tension creates during the exercise. The high time under tension – your muscles are fully activated for a prolonged period of time – creates an increased blood-flow into your muscles. The exercise variety of the revvll gives you this feeling not only for your biceps but for your whole upper body. Now, you can very effectively train your upper torso in a short amount of time. You simply have to experience it to really feel it. Find out more about the revvll endless rope trainer now. 

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