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Satisfied customers are a figurehead for us. That’s why I thought I’d create the occasional post with customer feedback. We wouldn’t want to be the only ones knowing of it, when it’s interesting for you, too.
Dear aerobis teamHere is some feedback from Ratingen Lintorf. We continue to be happy with your products and our customers gladly use our Functional Training Area including your equipment at every opportunity. Good job and thank you very much!
aerobis designed and installed the outdoor area according to the customer’s requirements. The frame in use is the outdoor version of our verso360 system and can be used outside all year round.Here are a few words taken from a local newspaper:By installing an Outdoor Functional Training Area in front of their studio last year the health center showed courage to execute innovations and jumped on the bandwagon of a current trend. This modern ‘playground for fitness fans’ is unique both in Lintorf and its surrounding area. In dry weather, members of TuSfit now get the opportunity to use a range of high-quality equipment for functional training by first-class outfitter ‘aerobis’. In addition to the usual sling trainers, bags, and battle ropes the revvll PRO (an endless rope which allows pulling, pushing, and rotating in all directions) and Rowsticks provide an unforgettable and for those who like, even high-intensity functional training.

functional training action

While exercising, members are being coached by the club’s staff that has been trained specifically for this purpose. ‘The “Gesundheitszentrum auf der Brandsheide 30” keeps up to date with this new offer to their members and establishes the Outdoor Functional Training Area as a fitness trend in Lintorf after JumpFit and deepWORK™‘, says Alexander Kraus, member of the board of directors. Starting in May, members of TuSfit will be able to use the Outdoor Functional Training Area for training in small groups or integrate exercises into their training schedules after instruction.
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  1. Faszien Hamburg
    Faszien Hamburg says:

    Sehr coole Idee! Gefällt mir gut eure outdoor Ausstattung,
    L. G. aus Hamburg

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