Our FIBO 2015 review

And the circus leaves town

The awesome aerobis team at the FIBOMy first experience of this year’s FIBO was made in the men’s restrooms. When I innocently entered the room I saw a man standing at the pissoir with his pants down. And I mean completely down, down to his ankles. He was relieving himself with his bare behind completely uncovered, making me quite uncomfortable. Maybe he didn’t expect anyone else coming into the restrooms that early. Or maybe he simply didn’t care. But somehow it also fits quite right to the FIBO because here everyone likes to show what they got. And this holds true not only for the exhibitors but also the visitors. In our FIBO review we will look back on all the things that were shown.

The aerobis stand

The aerobis stand at the FIBO 2015Just like last year, our stand was in Hall 9, the functional training hall. We felt right at home there. We have shown you all the stuff that you already know and many people apparently really love, but also some new stuff like the colored aeroSlings or the brand-new blackPack VEST weight vest. The fact that there were so many visitors coming onto our stand can be attributed partly to our awesome team that was extremely friendly, eager to help, and open, with a bright smile at all times. I think it is no exaggeration to say we had the best team ever. We would like to thank all of our aerobis team members for their world-class support, making the four days of loud music and demanding physical work so much fun.

The revvll challenge

The aerobis revvll challenge at the FIBOYou can sum up the revvll challenge pretty quickly: it was a huge success! Countless visitors have tried their luck and pulled several thousands of rope meters, completely exhausting themselves in just one minute. We didn’t give any guidelines regarding the pulling technique so that everyone could try and find the optimal technique for themselves. However, it quickly turned out that those that pulled with their full body constantly achieved better results than those that relied heavily on their arms and pulled mainly with their triceps. It comes as no surprise that this technique requires much more strength than incorporating your whole body. The winner of the men’s challenge, Matze, pulled with long movements in every turn, putting his back muscles to work and also working with his legs. Only this technique allowed him to set the record to 28 full rope rotations in one minute. Matze can look forward to a brand-new aeroSling ELITE Plus, just like Christiane, the women’s champion, who set the record to 24.5 rotations in the women’s category. Congratulations to both of you!The winner of the aerobis revvll challenge at the FIBO 2015

Our impressions of the FIBO

The escalators are very popular at the FIBO
The escalators are very popular at the FIBO…
This year’s FIBO was already the 30th installation of this ever-growing fitness exhibition and it has made two trends pretty clear. On the one side, there is Functional Training. On the other, there is the digitalization of training, whether in form of wearables to help athletes track their workouts and advances, but also in form of computer-aided training equipment and interactive group trainings. Les Mills, for example, showed a version of classical spinning in front of a giant screen where you travel through digital worlds while riding your stationary bike. Even though I myself like to play with my Playstation in my own free time, digital sport doesn’t appeal to me at all. Maybe this comes from the fact that I simply like physical activity on its own. I don’t need motivation of a computer to get me through a workout. However, I am aware that this is not the fact for all people and some might actually need the digital kick in the butt to keep training. In the end, no computer can sweat for you. You still have to do physically demanding exercises yourself.What I have also noticed this year: many young visitors couldn’t quite understand functional training. For most, going to the gym has mainly one purpose and that is building muscles as fast and as massive as possible. Performance only takes second place. But when I can show sling trainer exercises to guys that are clearly more muscular than me (which would be about 90% of all visitors) and I can do it with realitve ease while these guys really struggle, it should make someone reconsider their training approach. I know, a big part of sport’s appeal is the fact that you can improve your looks and that’s great. I for one rather train for becoming a stronger, more capable version of myself and take the assumed improvements in looks as a (welcomed) side effect. This is probably because I am generally more the oppsite of vain, and I have already reached an age in which you have already suffered through one or more serious injuries. Thus, I naturally have other priorities.

Our verdict

This year’s FIBO was a big success for us and he had tons of fun on all four days. We had the pleasure of working in the best team in the world with highly-motivated people, our stand was not bad to look at, and countless visitors have given us their attention. And even if it was just for a minute in the revvll challenge. But how did you see it as a visitor? What were your impressions of the FIBO? How did you like our stand and our beautiful team? What can we improve for next year? Your feedback will help us greatly to give you an even better expoerience at the FIBO 2016! So give us a comment below the gallery!
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