Beat the morning grouch - How to get out of bed easily in the morning

Beat the morning grouch! How to get out of bed easily in the morning

Do you also feel like the dark time of the year is taking its toll? Getting out of bed in the morning is even harder in autumn or winter. Although, normally you should wake up naturally and have energy right away. Well, at least that’s the theory.

Many people, however, don’t work that way. Their cycle, and apparently their metabolism as well, needs some time to get going and reach a normal state. ‘Only after I have had my first coffee’ is something that many people really believe is the actual start of the day for them. But why is that so?

Beat the morning grouch! How to get out of bed easily in the morning

Well, there are several explanations because there are many factors that play into this.

  • For once, there is the sleep itself which plays a major role. Can you claim that you sleep through the night? Do you fall asleep quickly when you go to bed?
    Should this not be the case then there are simple changes that you can make, like ingesting a sufficient amount of magnesium or avoiding cold bright lights before going to bed. See also Tutorial Thursday 48 for more information.
  • Another factor is your hormonal balance. This has also to do with sleep but do you have sufficient amounts of serotonin and, thus, melatonin? This is an important neurotransmitter that lets us relax and regenerate. Without melatonin, we won’t reach the slow-wave sleep phase. So what could be a reason for an melatonin deficiency? Maybe you don’t consume enough inositol? This substance is part of the B vitamin family and forms the ressources for (among others) the previously mentioned serotonin. Try to ingest enough inositol with your B vitamins. Foods containing inositol are:
    • wholemeal wheat bread
    • white beans
    • Cantaloupe melons
    • oranges
  • Beat the morning grouch! How to get out of bed easily in the morning - Melon
  • How about your dopamine levels? Dopamine is also a very important neurotransmitter which has mostly activating effects and affects our motivation and drive. It plays a role in the production of adrenalin and is more or less the counterpart to serotonin. We need dopamine for our brain to work and for muscular work. So how can I make sure that my body produces sufficient amounts of dopamine, you ask? Pretty simple: make sure you ingest enough protein! Dopamine needs the amino acid tyrosine as a basis.
    Tyrosine-bearing foods are:
    • meat
    • fish
    • eggs
    • pumpkin seeds
    • peas
    • walnuts
  • Beat the morning grouch! How to get out of bed easily in the morning - Nuts
  • The next parameter to take a closer look at is your activity. When you train your muscles you also train your metabolism. The energy supply in the cells is improved and the quickly available energy depots are increased. In combination with a balanced diet, this will keep your blood sugar constant. This will make sure that you have enough energy to wake up. You should be capable of doing light physical work before having a breakfast without falling into an energy slump. After all that’s what it was like for our ancestors: business before pleasure.
  • Avoid stress!
    Stress is not bad in general. But if it becomes chronical it will lead to your adrenal cortex becoming overworked. Your adrenal cortex, however, is vitally important for the homronal production of cortisol, adrenalin, and noradrenalin. These hormones increase your energy level and have mostly an activating effect. If your adrenal cortex starts to produce too much of these hormones, however, it can become tired. The result would be avolition and a lack of energy. Himalayan salt can provide a remedy. It nourishes the adrenal cortex and supplies you with important nutrients.
  • Beat the morning grouch! How to get out of bed easily in the morning - Bell pepper
  • Finally, you should take a look at your acid-base balance. At night, the pH-value in your body sinks (= your body turns acidic). This is totally natural and supposed to happen. In the morning, however, it should move to a basic state. If it doesn’t, the energy metabolism in the cells is probably affected. This can also explain the aforementioned total lack of drive. Thus, the first thing you should consume in the morning are basic foods. Citrus fruits are very good candidates. Further basic foods are:
    • fruits and vegetables!
    • Period!!!

As you can see, there are various small changes in your diet and lifestyle that you can make that will assure that your body is optimally supplied. You will see that you are fully supplied with all necessary elements to a healthy living when you can wake up on your own at your regular time and are immediately ready to start your day.

Of course, I have to mention that there are many more factors that you have to take into account and which influence the amount of energy you have when you get out of bed in the morning. What I don’t have to mention is the fact that all the points I have given you in this blog post are worth trying out for a certain amount of time because a day is much more enjoyable when you already start it in a great way.

And remember,
get functional!
your Fabien

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  1. Ben Menges
    Ben Menges says:

    Hallo Fabien,

    tolle Zusammenstellung. Beim Schlaf kommt wirklich viel zusammen. Die mentale Seite ist ja auch extremst wichtig. Wer da gerade schwere Probleme hat, der wird auch schwieriger einschlafen können.
    Meditation kann hier Abhilfe schaffen!


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