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Hello, friends,recently I visited Jens Vatter in his PT Lounge in Cologne and got a chance to combine the aeroSling training with his EMS training. For those of you who don’t know the meaning of EMS, here’s a short explanation. EMS is the acronym for electromyostimulation. The EMS training starts by your having to put on a vest as well as belts around your upper arms and thighs. Both the vest and the belts carry electrodes that are cable-connected to the EMS unit – in our case the MIHA Bodytec.

Short electrical pulses from the EMS unit flow to the electrodes causing the muscles to contract. When performing static exercises like a minor squat with your hands pressing against each other, or dynamic exercises like squats or the mountain climber, you will be subjected to these electric pulses. It feels somewhat like a minor electric shock – but it isn’t really all that bad ;-).These pulses affect even deep-lying muscles giving you the benefit of a very effective training. But look at the video and see just how strenuous the combination of the two training method is.

Here is the video – have fun watching!

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