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Joggen, TaeBo, Step or Kettlebell Training?

Ideally, sport should be fun. No question. But still it seems hard finding a training form between jogging, treadmills, and the weekly TaeBo and Step courses that is both varied and effective.Thus, the kettlebell is welcomed alternative for more and more people. The principle is pretty simple and yet incredibly effective. The iron balls with a handle offer a great exercise variety that I adjust to my clients goals and needs.Whether the focus lies on weight reduction, training your endurance or mobility: since there are kettlebells from four to 56 kg every one of my clients can train exactly with the weight that fits their body best.There is one peculiar fact: kettlebell training is in no way an innovation! Already 6000 years ago people in Asia trained with the nowadays very popular weights. At the end of the 19th centuries the kettlebells made their way to Germany and in Russia, this kind of training can look back on a long tradition (also as part of the military training).

For whom is kettlebell training suited?

Since kettlebell training can let you reach your goals much faster, more effectively, and more sustainably in comparison to other training forms, the kettlebell is suited for all people that want to actively change their physical fitness and have place great emphasis on fun while training and reaching their goals.Kettlebell training is one of the most flexible and adaptable sports there is. Exercises for the back that support and improve your posture are equally an option as are those that focus on weight loss or muscle growth. My clients decide what goals they want to reach and I will help them by providing them with an optimized kettlebell training plan.Since all the exercises for your back, core, shoulders and co. have to be done in perfect form in order to achieve the best results and to not jeopardize your health, a good trainer is essential.Thus, I have developed the PRO-PT Kettlebell Training which introduces the client to each aspekt of kettlebell training step by step. Since I am already working with a great number of clients that are very enthusiastic about the exercises I can regularly enjoy the quickly visible results in every asect with them.An indiviually designed training plan, regular sessions, and personal guidance lay the foundation for an effective training and the joy of physical activity. Kettlebell training means so much more than just lifting weights. Especially since the weights are so simple in their design and the movement patterns are infinite there are countless options when it comes to finding the right exercises.In order to demonstrate my (prospective) clients how versatile the training possibilities are I have made some videos that are supposed to show the full range of exercises. Below is just one example:If you have any questions regarding your individual training plan, exercise variations, and dates I will gladly answer them for you.Let yourself be convinced that simple training equipment like the iron balls with handles are often the most effective and promise the best, sustainable success that I can give you!
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  1. Paul Kliks
    Paul Kliks says:

    Ich mag das Training mit der Kettlebell auch sehr. Auch beim Outdoor Fitness Bus Training habe ich sie sehr oft eingesetzt, und viele Teilnehmer haben sie lieben kennen gelernt/mussten sie lieben lernen kennen ;)

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