aeroSling Master Trainer Tobi Hopf

Introducing: aeroSling Master Trainer Tobi Hopf

  aeroSling Master Trainer - Tobi Hopf

At this place in our blog we would like to introduce you to our Master Trainers. The people that spread the word about our training philosophy and impart this knowledge in official aerobis Certification Workshops. So right here you will get to know all the aeroSlingified coaches that will share their knowledge with you.

This time, it’s Tobi Hopf’s turn. Those of you who have come by our FIBO stand this year have probably met him. We always have a blast at FIBO but I have seen no other who cherished it as much to meet new people, tell them about functional training in general and our products in particular. Even when it was very crowded or you felt a little tired on the fourth day – Tobi always had a big smile on his face and emitted a contagious positive energy. So when he describes himself as a charming optimist further down this text it is certainly no exaggeration. We were very happy to have him in our team and are proud that he represents us and our products in Frankfurt. And maybe he has nothing better to do next year at FIBO…

Basic Information:

Name: Tobias Hopf

Age: 32

City: Frankfurt

Where can your clients train with you? Curently in Frankfurt, come November all over the world

Your motto: Worry less, smile more. Don’t regret, just learn and grow.

Website or other profile page:

Tobi Hopf - aeroSling Master Trainer

Introducing n

Tell us something about your professional qualifications and your own sports background!

Sport has been a constant in my life since I can remember. It started with football (soccer) and, at the same time, successful kick boxing for six years. In 2005 I met my new passion, triathlon, which ultimately replaced football and has been a part of my life ever since. I also like to try other sports to get to know them and have fun. My career choice was made during my time at the Bundeswehr and led to my first fitness trainer licence. From there it all went very quick, motivated and passionate I did my management assistant in sports and fitness (A licence), fitness expert, and, as is common in the fitness industry, several additional licences and qualifications that helped me specialize in my favorite field.

Where does your focus lie in training?

Definitely athletic and endurance training for runners & triathletes.

How did you learn about the equipment by aerobis?

The name aeroSling was mentioned four years ago in a discussion of my colleagues about which sling trainer is the best. A short time after that I went to the FIBO to see for myself and, lo and behold, I found out.

Why did you do the aerobis Certified Instructor certification?

First, out of curiosity, and then, out of conviction.
1. I think the products are awesome: ideal handling, a maximum of possible applications with countless exercise variations, convincing quality, and yet a very good cost-performance-ration.
2. It is a valuable experience for me to impart my know-how to others, exchange views, spend time with like-minded people, and just have seven hours of sports fun!

What characterizes you as a coach?

I am spontaneous, mostly unbelievably charming, inspiring, and a wild optimist!

Tobi Hopf - aeroSling Master Trainer

What are the most beautiful aspects of your job?

Fresh air, much variety, loads of fun, happy clients, achieved goals, and I can decide who I want to work with.

Which aspect could you easily do without?

Writing invoices and collecting money.

Why is sport so important?

It creates a magical feeling, gives confidence, makes happy, sexy, and gives you a great quality of life ;)

What time of day is the best time for training?

That is highly individual! I personally prefer the evening hours.

What is your favorite exercise and why?

Jumps with the aeroSling and the big handle (Flex Handle XL) around the hip – makes your legs and butt go boom!

If you could give just one tip to every athlete in the world – what would it be?

Don’t think about it too much – JUST DO IT!

Wanna join us?

When will you join the Functional Movement and become one of our certified instructors? Let yourself be trained by one of our Master Trainers! Take a look at the currently available dates in our shop. Come back and check for new dates, we are constantly putting up new dates!
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