Introducing aeroSling Master Trainer Rene Rodig

Introducing: aeroSling Master Trainer Rene Rodig

aeroSling Master Trainer Rene RodigAt this place in our blog we would like to introduce you to our Master Trainers. The people that spread the word about our training philosophy and impart this knowledge in official aerobis Certification Workshops. So right here you will get to know all the aeroSlingified coaches that will share their knowledge with you.René Rodig only recently became one of our coaches but he hit the ground running. So obviously, he’s in our good book. But he is in there a second time because he offers the probably most beautiful form of functional training that we can imagine: Mami Fitness. Here, your newborn baby becomes your training partner! Can it get any lovelier? And recently, the alternative for all fathers started: Daddy’s Outside Gym. All sportive parents in the area of Gera, Zwickau, and Plauen will be in very good hands with René!

Basic Information:

Name: René RodigAge: 35City: Zeulenroda-TriebesWhere can your clients train with you? several locations in ZeulenrodaWebsite or other profile page:
Rene Rodig - aeroSling Master Trainer

Introducing René Rodig

Tell us something about your professional qualifications and your own sports background!The classic story: from strength athlete to personal trainer…Where does your focus lie in training?Functional MovementHow did you learn about the equipment by aerobis?A professional journal highly praised the aeroSlings… and they were right!Why did you do the aerobis Certified Instructor certification?I wanted to become better and get the full potential from the equipment. Additionally, I just love being able to impart knowledge to others.What characterizes you as a coach?No mercy and 10 more reps when you think there is nothing left.aeroSling Master Trainer Rene RodigWhat are the most beautiful aspects of your job?Inspire others with great motivation and much enthusiasm to stay at it.Which aspect could you easily do without?Narcissism.Why is sport so important?Because sport is life.What time of day is the best time for training?I think that the best time to train is in the morning. Fresh air and silence let you start the day fresh and active.What is your favorite exercise and why?Squats in combination with shoulder presses. A challenging workout with the blackPack PRO that you can make super hard.If you could give just one tip to every athlete in the world – what would it be?Live and love what you do!

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When will you join the Functional Movement and become one of our certified instructors? Let yourself be trained by one of our Master Trainers! Take a look at the currently available dates in our shop. Come back and check for new dates, we are constantly putting up new dates!
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