Introducing: aeroSling Master Trainer Carsten Wölffling

At this place in our blog we would like to introduce you to our Master Trainers. The people that spread the word about our training philosophy and impart this knowledge in official aerobis Certification Workshops. So right here, you will get to know all the aeroSlingified coaches that will share their knowledge with you.aerobis is even better represented now in the east of Germany. In addition to René Rodig, Carsten Wölffling will now also offer the aeroSling workshops in his hometown of Leipzig. Even though Carsten is the junior of our Master Trainers, he has a wealth of experience and an impressive list of qualifications in his resume.‘Training with the aeroSling is especially versatile and effective’, says Carsten. He is already looking forward to introduce as many fitness fans to the world of aeroSling training as possible.

Basic Information:

Name: Carsten WölfflingAge: 28City: LeipzigWhere can your clients train with you? Preferably outdoors. In several premises, otherwise.Your motto: ‘Those who don’t have time for their health will later have to spend much of their time with sickness.’ (Sebastian Kneipp)Website or other profile page: functional basics
Carsten Wölffling - aeroSling Master Trainer

Introducing Carsten Wölffling

Tell us something about your professional qualifications and your own sports background!I have been moving since my early childhood: swimming, water ball, badminton. Through water ball I came into contact with strength training when I was 15. At that point, my passion for nutrition started as well. During the course of my studies of sports with emphasis on rehabilitation in the fields of orthopaedics internal medicine, I immediately wanted pratical experiences: I completed my first qualifications and advanced trainings in the areas of Functional Training, movement analysis (FMS, OS Coach), and nutrition. Since then, a few years have passed. Right now, I am working in the field of rehabilitation which inspires me to learn more about the human body, think holistically and naturally, and refrain from conventional training principles and symptom-first methods.Where does your focus lie in training?Holistic, cause-focussed thinking in the aereas of basic movement patterns and creativity.How did you learn about the equipment by aerobis?Following the motto of a sports scientist: testing, sweating, judging. I have tested different sling trainers over the years and a few months ago I had an aeroSling in my hands. First impression from training: wow! Great quality, easy handling, and versatile.Why did you do the aerobis Certified Instructor certification?I want to impart my knowledge and my experience in the area of med. functional training and share the same philosophy with aerobis.What characterizes you as a coach?Awareness, holistic thinking, and creativity.Carsten Wölffling during aeroSling TrainingWhat are the most beautiful aspects of your job?Sweat pants, being able to go outside at any time, and having the pleasure to work with the most diverse people.Which aspect could you easily do without?Moronic thinking and training machines.Why is sport so important?Let’s rather say movement because sport is always about competition in some way. Humans are optimized for movement from a physological point of view. The problem: we steadily optimize our scope pf movement and our environment so that our own movements fall by the wayside.What time of day is the best time for training?Between 0.05 and 23.55.What is your favorite exercise and why?The squat and rowing. It feels good inside to sit down your body and rowing is a good counter measure to the monotonous sitting of everyday life because it straightens up your body.If you could give just one tip to every athlete in the world – what would it be?Awareness and a balanced gut feeling in the following areas: nutrition, movement, lifestyle.Carsten Wölffling and Fabien Mpouma - aerobis Master Trainer Certification

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When will you join the Functional Movement and become one of our certified instructors? Let yourself be trained by one of our Master Trainers! Take a look at the currently available dates in our shop. Come back and check for new dates, we are constantly putting up new dates!
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