aerobis gets you in shape for the Handtaschen Weitwurf Weltmeisterschaft

Handbag Throwing World Championship (incl. Video)

A couple of days ago I had a talk with my girlfriend and her brother. She had gotten a new handbag for her birthday and her brother was wondering what the jute bag was for that came with the handbag. My girlfriend explained that you put the handbag into this jute bag when you put it in your cupboard. This revealed an elemental difference between women and men to us: men only have one bag and they use it every day, independent of the weather, the outfit or the hair. Men don’t put their one bag into the cupboard. My girlfriend, however, has several handbags for different occasions. One for shopping, one for the evening, one for holidays, and one for festive events (and then some more, for … reasons).Since 2012, there is now another reason to have more handbags that is independent of gender stereotypes: the Handbag Throwing World Championship 2015. Our headcoach Fabien visited Jens Vatter, the coach of the German national team of Handbag Throwing, and got some useful tips on how to train for this unique event.Jens Vatter - German national coach of the Handbag Throwing World Championship - Interview aerobis

Interview with the German national coach of the Handbag Throwing World Championship

Jens Vatter is a successful personal trainer from Cologne, speaker for several education institutes, and passionate athlete. He trains the German teams that compete against teams from Italy, France, the USA, Turkey, Poland, Belgium, and many other countries at the Handbag Throwing World Championship.Even though this is primarily an entertaining event that is supposed to promote international understanding and tolerance, the competition aaspect of it all is certainly there. So we asked Jens how athletes can prepare themselves for the four different throw classes.Jens Vatter - German national coach - preparation exercises“The most effective throwing technique is similar to discus throw and should be practiced in that movement pattern”, says the national coach. “Especially for strength development, you should train with a light additional weight”.

The training video for new records in the Handbag Throwing World Championship

In the following video, you can see the interview and a tutorial that will help you achieve new records in handbag throwing. As a training device, Jens uses our blackPack ESY S Sandbag with 5 kg of training weight. The handbags at the HBTWCC weigh 2 kg for men and 1 kg in the women’s class.If you don’t want to miss this special event you should swing by the Moviepark in Bottrop-Kirchhellen on August, 1st. You can find further information on the homepage of the HBTWCC. We will definitely throw a blackPack ESY S around in our FuncMove GYM and see how we would perform in the world championship. We will post the results in the comment sections below soon.Sportive greetings, Benjamin
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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    was es nicht alles gibt. Mir war bisher gar nicht bewusst, dass es eine Handtaschen Weitwurf Weltmeisterschaft gibt und dann gibt es dafür auch noch spezielle Trainingsroutinen. Irre!
    Gruß Micha

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