Tutorial Thursday #10 - Sport im Urlaub / Sport during holidays

Functional Training during holidays

Sport during holidays – is that even possible?

Tutorial Thursday #10 - Sport during holidaysTake a look outside and you will see: it’s summer! And for many people summer not only means sunshine, shorts, and sunburn, but also vacation time. Where do you travel to? Do you prefer the beach with a cold, refreshing swim just a few feet away? Or rather the mountains with their long trails and beautiful view? Do you travel by car, by train or by airplane? Questions over questions… And yet there is only one answer for me: ‘I want to move during my holidays!

Just take your training with you!

The beach is the perfect place for a nice training sessionThus, I will just take my training with me wherever I go. As probably most training enthusiasts out there I don’t want to lie by the pool all day or go through 15 books. I want some activity! A nice little endurance unit in the morning or a beach workout in the evening? Great, no problem! Your own bodyweight, a tree branch, a heavier stone, or a flight of stairs are only a few options that you have no matter where you are.Training with blackPack and Battle RopeTo make sure you have enough options for a versatile workout you can always take your aeroSling or blackPack with you. The aeroSling sling trainer is very fast and easy to mount and weighs only about 1 kg. The blackPack can be filled with sand and water and is ready to go in a couple of moments. It’s even quicker when you fill the blackPack directly and not via the Loading-Bags. And did you know that you can turn your blackPack into a travel bag with just two carabiners and a Flex Handle S? We call it blackPack Carry Strap.The blackPack is also a great beach bagWorking out during your holidays is pretty easy and the options are manifold. You don’t need a machine park to work out! So you don’t need to stop your workout routine when you are on holidays. And there is nothing more satisfying than relaxing after a decent workout.And since we are such great fans we present to you some great photos of our friends working out during their holidays. This proves that we are not the only ones “crazy” enough to take our training with us even during our holidays. So how about you? Do you leave your training schedule at home or do you need a nice little workout session to thoroughly relax? Maybe you even have a photo of you or your friends working out during your holidays that you would like to share with us? We would love to see it!Train anywhere. Anytime. Even on a boat.Giving you the best view during training - a boat training sessionJust take your aeroSling to the lake
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