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Fit in autumn: Train your body & soul

According to the calendar we are not yet in the third season but the weather is definitely telling us that summer is about to leave and spend its holidays on the other half of the world until next year. There’s a reason it’s called summer holidays. ;)But don’t despair, autumn is great! This Tutorial Thursday will show you why that is and how your health can profit from it.Fit in autumn - Training for body & soul

Hooray, it’s autumn!

„Get out!“ – this is not only the slogan of the Bonn based company Outdoor Gym but also the right mindset to start into autumn.Sure, we are all summer people more or less: sitting in a beer garden at 10 in the evening, simply wearing a t-shirt and shorts, going to the open-air pool at 30° Celsius, or frying in public transportation without air conditioning – those are all wonderful moments but the following months alo have good times to offer.As soon as it starts to get colder outside I, for example, I suddenly develop a great desire for pumpkin soup with coconut milk. And when it rains and it is already completely dark outside at seven in the evening, there is nothing better than a hot bath. Afterwards, you snuggle down in a blanket on your couch and watch the fire in your fireplace with as much devotion as you spend on watching the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger movie on the silver screen (ok, admittedly I don’t have a fireplace and I haven’t seen the new Terminator movie but you get what I’m trying to say here).Fit in autumn - Training in the park

Snuggle later!

You can do the cosy part of autumn later… Why else did I mention Outdoor Gym before?!Autumn and the complementary cold and wet weather are absolutely no reason to move all your activities inside. Just picture spending the whole day inside, from getting up in the morning, the drive to work, the nine to five office job, driving back home, and then spending the rest of the day on your sofa – you have spent all day inside! In my opinion that is a disaster! And even when I don’t sit around after my job for the day is done and I get a good workout in, I don’t want to spend that inside as wellOf course, people are different and there are surely many of you that love the smell of rubber, sweat, and chalk in an unventilated gym. Sorry, but that just gives me headaches after some time. Especially if I previously had to spend all day sitting in front of my desk.Fit in autumn - natural training weights

What’s the alternative? Move your workout outside of course!

Fresh air, all natural stimuli like sun (a rest is still there even in the cold and dark time of year), the wind rushing through the leaves, rain drops on your skin, cold or warmth – all of these are factors for your health. If you regularly train outside in your backyard or in the park during autumn you are guaranteed to strengthen your immune system and don’t have to worry that much about the impending winter. So why not grab your sandbag and get outside? A sling trainer, a med ball or even a Battle Rope all are great to extend your bodyweight training. Outside you have lots of space, as much oxygen as you want, and you can unwind much better.One reason is that our direct environment has a huge effect on our well-being. The absence of noise (cars, music, etc.), bright colours (especially bright red), unnatural light (cold, blue, and artifical light sources), and electric smog affects each of your cells positively.And it doesn’t even have to be burpees in the mud: even a simple walk in the woods can work wonders. Especially the alternating load during walking improves the connection between both of your cerebral hemispheres. It helps you clear your head because the increased intellectual capacity will let you solve problems easier and process experiences better. Training outside will bring you closer to nature and literally ground you.Fit in autumn - park bench as training equipment

A fresh autumnal workout

How about a combination of running and functional training?This will combine the aformentioned positive effects of outdoor training in autumn with the advantages of intense strength training: building muscle mass which leads to an increased calorie consumption, increased release of postive hormones, stronger joints, and a stable core.

Here is my tip for an effective training on the next, cold-wet but beautiful autumn day:

  • 5 min. easy warm up running
  • 5-10 min. movement preparations
  • 5 min running until you find a park bench
  • 2 x 15 push-ups on the bench
    • you can adjust the intensity:
    • hands on the backrest = easy
    • hands on the seat = medium
    • hands and feet on the ground = hard
    • hands on the ground and feet on the bench = very hard
  • 5 min. running until you find a tree trunk
  • 3 x 10 repetitions upper body rotation in deep lunges
    • hold the tree trunk with both arms horizontally in front of your belly
    • move one leg backwards and rest on the ball of the foot
    • now rotate to the left and right alternatingly
    • accelerate the trunk and slow it down actively
    • speed determines intensity
  • 10 min running until you find a big meadow
  • 2 x 50 m crawling
  • 5 min running
  • 2 x 50 m walking lunges
  • 5 min. running until you find a medium-sized rock
  • 3 x 15 repetitions shoulder presses
  • 5 min warm-down
Fit in autumn - a great viewAfterwards, you should also do a little cool-down but be careful not to cool down too much until you freeze. Take a warm shower and then you can finally relax in front of your fireplace (if you have one). Maybe you treat yourself to a hot bowl of pumpkin soup or a nice piece of onion pie.You can see: there is no reason not to go outside in autumn.

Just try it!

And remember, get functional! your FabienP.S.: Here is an awesome video that we found in the interwebs and that perfectly fits this week’s topic. What do you think about it?
4 replies
  1. Ben Menges
    Ben Menges says:

    Servus Fabien!

    Wunderschönes Workout! Weißt du, was ich überragend finde beim Herbstworkout? Die Hände beim Krabbeln oder Liegestützen. Dieser nasse Dreck gibt mir einfach total das Gefühl mit der Natur verbunden zu sein. Am besten ganz schnell dreckig machen, dann kümmert es einen für den Rest des Workouts auch nicht mehr. Auf jeden Fall ein super Erlebnis.
    Sehr schönes Workout übrigens. Weiter so!


  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Hi Fabien,

    wirklich schöner Artikel. Man merkt wie viel Mühe du dir gegeben hast! Ich muss ehrlich sagen, dass ich diese Jahreszeit auch sehr mag, gerade die Luft im Wald, wenn es so richtig feucht ist, ist einfach unschlagbar.

    Ansonsten finde ich den Tipp mit dem Workout auch sehr gut. Da werde ich auch auf jeden Fall was davon ausprobieren und einbauen ;)


  3. Fabien Mpouma
    Fabien Mpouma says:

    Freut mich Alex dass es Dir gefällt.
    Im moment ist es morgens so schön wenn ich das Haus verlasse. Kalte klare Luft aber Sonnenschein.
    Dazu noch der Tau auf den Pflanzen und das Vogelgezwitscher. Herbst ist gar nicht so schlimm ;)

  4. Fabien Mpouma
    Fabien Mpouma says:

    Da bekommt der Spruch “eat clean, train dirty!” eine ganz neue Bedeutung. Also ab in den Dreck! ;)

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