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Fit for FIBO workout plan – Plan C

Fast and furious

Training, training, always training! Our Fit for FIBO training plan reaches the third round. From now on it will go in quicker succession because FIBO is approaching and the individual workouts change more frequently. Since last week the legs were in the center of attention it is now time for some upper body exercises. Even though this workout contains primarily upper body exercises the workout is a bit more complex and includes more and bigger muscle groups. Pull ups, e.g., not only require a decent amount of strength, they also are a prime example for a good interplay of arm, shoulder, back, and core muscles. This makes pull ups definitely a target exercise that we want to perform very well in at the end of this training plan. And how do you train pull ups in the best way? Exactly, you do pull ups. Sounds stupid but it’s true.

What equipment do you need this time?

For the “Fast & furious” workout you will need at best three things and a pull up bar, whereat the pull up bar can obviously be any object on which you can safely pull yourself up several times. Furthermore, you will need an aeroSling sling trainer (the exercise will only work with a sling trainer with pulley), the Blackthorn Elastic Trainer (a long resistance band alone would also be fine but be sure you have a big enough range of movement), and a kettlebell (alternatively, you can use a blackPack ESY S because it will behave quite like a kettlebell in this exercise). Basically, you can do this workout in every decent gym if your own home gym isn’t properly equipped.

Here’s the workout video

That’s what the coach says
  • Why this workout: Since we have focussed on the core in the last 3 weeks this workout will add core rotation as another dimension. Rotation and stabilization is the goal.
  • Why this protocol: With 2×2 min. we almost have a little AMRAP (As Many Repetitions/Rounds As Possible). This will create high intensity and fire up the metabolism. The necessary impulses for muscle growth will be generated.
  • Why these exercises: Apart from the pull ups all exercises include rotation or unilateral work. The core will have to work dynamically and statically.
  • What do you have to watch our for: As always: movement quality comes before quantity. Especially when considering the relatively long work time superior movement quality is extra important.
Here you can find the weekly overview of the Fit for FIBO plan.All other workouts of our #FitforFIBO training plan can be found here.
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