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Fit for FIBO training plan – plan B

The training continues!

So, have you tried the first Fit for FIBO plan? What did you think? What left a deep impression on me were the russian twists with the med ball. This exercise is so incredibly hard, especially if you’re not yet in FIBO shape. Probably even when you are in FIBO shape but I will only find that out in about 14 weeks. I have to admit, though, that we are a bit of a time shift because in real time it is less than 14 weeks until FIBO. So this blog doesn’t reflect our real-time training. Although we are presenting you the second training plan here, we have already done the fourth. That is not a problem, though, because our Fit for FIBO plan is structured a little differently.

This is the 14 week training calendar

Our presented training plans are not done in order but rather build up on each other, presuppose each other, and are changed in their order here and there. To make it clear what I mean by that I will give you this table that shows the upcoming 8 weeks and the corresponding training plans:
Fit for FIBO Trainingsplan – the first 8 weeks
WeekTraining 1Training 2
We will tell you how the plan continues after these 8 weeks shortly. For now, however, you should focus on the training plans that lie directly ahead. They will challenge you more than enough.

Training plan B: leg training – this is what you need

For the leg training part of our Fit for FIBO plan you will need the following equipment: a sling trainer, a Langhantel or a sandbag, and a Power Band.

Here are the exercises

This is what the coach has to say
  • Why this workout: The legs are our biggest muscle groups. When training your legs you also cause an increased hormonal release that will benefit muscle growth in other body parts as well.
  • Why this protocol: With a classic muscle build-up training with low reps we will lay the foundation for the workouts to come.
  • Why these exercises: With these exercises you will address all the smaller and larger muscles of your legs and pelvis area. These exercises will create the needed impulses.
  • What should you consider: Movement quality always trumps quantity! You should rather choose a lower weight than sacrifice form. Especially your core should be stable at all times.

What are you waiting for?

There were four of us doing this workout and all of us complained about the muscle soreness after a day or two. So if you take this into consideration you can deduct two things: 1. This workout is pretty challenging. 2. We all should work on our legs more. Since I already know what workouts will follow soon I am not concerned at all, though. I hope you like the workout as well. Let us know how you did, what remarks you have, and what we should include in the future workouts! We are looking forward to your feedback!Sportive greetings, Benjamin
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