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Fit for FIBO – training plan for 14 weeks

We are getting in the shapes of our lives – come and join us!

Many of you might have already heard of the FIBO. For all that haven’t: the FIBO in Cologne is, according to the organizer, the world-leading expo for fitness, wellness, and health. There are over 100.000 visitors each year and the companies outdo each other when it comes to shows, events, and innovations. If you want to know the newest trends in sport and fitness you have to be at the FIBO. Additionally, you can buy your annual supply of protein shakes, participate in countless activities, or just wander through the different halls and enjoy the show. Obviously, we are at the FIBO as well. For one, because it is right around the corner for us, and because it is a great opportunity for us to get in touch with our customers, our partners, and our friends from around the world. Even though the days are long and it can get really demanding: the FIBO is a blast for us each and every time!Fit for FIBO with aerobis

You gotta represent

The fact that we will have a lot of customer contact is a reason for joy as much as it is a reason to rethink our athletic capabilities. And when I say we I am talking about me. As the chubby online marketing guy I will make a bad impression amongst all the buff FIBO visitors and won’t represent our company as good as I can. The is not solely based on my physical appearance but has a lot to do with the fact that we are working 10 and more hours each day for four days, showing exercises and working out with only a few minutes of break over the whole day. Pretty much the complete opposite of my normal day in the office where I sit around all day and move nothing more than my computer mouse. Thus, Fabi and I have made the decision to take the following 14 weeks until the FIBO to get in shape.

The Fit for FIBO plan

Fortunately, I have a trainer sitting directly opposite from me. Thus, we can have a well-thought-out and optimized training plan in no time. Fabi is as highly-motivated as I am and started putting together a 14-week training plan right away. In the first 8 weeks we will build a decent base, and the last 6 weeks we will build from that. First, muscles will be built and strength increased, afterwards we will use this base to train complex movement patterns and make functional training aerobis-style a reality. And the best part: we will share this training plan with you! Thus, you can get in FIBO shape together with us and you can instantly give us direct feedback, talk about your experiences, and ask questions about the exercises here in the comment section. Or even at the FIBO. Our Fit for FIBO plan is not your boring average plan with which you will train the same patterns over and over. In fact, Fabi has designed a very diversified training plan that will keep the fun in movement and physical training for the next 14 weeks.

This is how we start

At the beginning, there is a test. We are measuring basic numbers that represent our current fitness. For example, we establish the maximum weight we can deadlift or bench press (1RM = only one repetition is possible), the maximum number of pull ups we can do in one go, or we perform a sprint test over 10m or do as many burpees in one minute as possible. Right before the FIBO we will do the same tests again and compare the differences. I am already curious if and in which category I will have improved. Here are the different tests:
  1. Bench Press, 1RM
  2. Kettlebell one-arm overhead press, 1RM
  3. Push Press with barbell, repetitions in a set amount of time (1 Min.)
  4. Deadlift, 1RM
  5. Pull ups, maximum repetitions without pause
  6. aeroSling row (arms are in vertical extension to the ropes directly underneath the mounting point), maximum number of repetitions
  7. Back squat, 1RM
  8. Jump height (measured as the deviation between the highest point you can reach while standing and the highest point you can reach when jumping)
  9. Sprint, time over 10 m (due to limitations of space, measure over 20m if you have the space)
  10. Burpees, maximum repetitions in a set amount of time (1 Min.)
I will keep our results as a secret for the sole purpose of self-protection…

The training program

As I have already mentioned the training program is designed for 14 weeks. Each week contains 2 training units that are determined by Fabi. Additionally, I will squeeze in a third unit that I will build around the training plan. Since Fabi’s plan focusses on certain body parts like legs, core, and upper body, it is pretty easy to implement a metabolic conditioning unit or to train the uninvolved part of your body, that is, legs when the upper body is targeted in the plan and so on. Later, when the plan consists more of full body exercises und complex movement patterns you can easily do isolation work in an additional unit to work on potential weaknesses.The plan starts with strengthening the core and to get it to a strong level. Since the core, the center of the body, is crucial to our limbs in order to produce as much power as possible it just makes sense to work on it first. Only a strong core will allow us to transfeer power from one muscle chain to another. That is why this plan will be a part of the first three weeks of the training plan. In the following video Fabi shows you the different exercises of the first plan in detail.If you want to know which training protocol we have used and how the training plan works out in detail simply subscribe to our newsletter with the submit form at the end of the video. You will not only receive this training plan as a pdf file to print but you will also receive all following plans. Thus, you can do our training plan together with us, get inspired by us and implement some of the stuff into your own training plan, and maybe you can even make some of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 a reality. With our Fit for FIBO plan you will be fit as a fiddle in April, which would be a good start at least ;)If you have any questions, remarks and comments for us and the plan that we describe here, please let us know in the comments! We will keep you posted on our progress and share our experiences with you!Sportive greetings, Benjamin
2 replies
  1. Reinhard Goldmann
    Reinhard Goldmann says:

    Hallo Benjamin,
    habe ich die Trainingspläne “Fit for Fibo” D und E irgendwie verpasst oder gibt es sie nicht?
    LG Reinhard

  2. Benjamin Fuhrmann
    Benjamin Fuhrmann says:

    Hallo Reinhard,

    Doch, die Pläne gibt es. Sie werden dieses Wochenende gesammelt in einer Email verschickt.
    In dieser Email findest Du dann nochmal alle Trainingspläne unseres FitforFIBO Plans.

    Ich wünsche Dir schon jetzt viel Spaß beim Trainieren. Sag uns doch, was Du von den Plänen hältst, damit wir das bei zukünftigen Plänen berücksichtigen können.

    Sportliche Grüße,


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