The most effective rope training – the revvll PRO

You have never trained like this before!

Ok, before I start I have to admit that the revvll PRO isn’t that brand new anymore. After all, we have spent the last two years perfecting and further developing it. However, at last FIBO we have, once again, realized that people don’t really comprehend the wealth of possibilities that our unique rope resistance trainer offers.Normally, people come to our stand and start pulling the rope. Sure, that is logically the first reaction and the revvll PRO is a great rope pulling device. Additionally, most people have the necessary strength to perform pulling movements easily. Following the motto ‘from the known to the unknown’, I often let them pull at first. This is already a great start to experiment with the resistance setting and vary the body position towards the revvll.Vary the body position? Yes, you’ve heard correctly!Even with a small change of position the trainee can create completely different training impulses. And here begins the enormous exercise variety that offers countless exercises depending on the mounting height of the revvll, the body position of the trainee, and different movement directions. But see for yourself in the video below!As you can see, the revvll PRO offers far more exercises than ‘just’ rope climbing or tug of war. It offers completely new training impulses under constantly high tension that will challenge you in a way that no functional training equipment has ever done before. If you need more exercise examples for the revvll PRO go over to our exercise videos and get inspired!And remember, get Functional! Your Fabien
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