Burn more fat with interval training (Hiit)

Long distance running burns more fat?

aerobis Blog Tutorial ThursdayWe’ve talked about running last week. Right behind cycling and swimming, running is the third most popular sport practiced on a regular basis in Germany. But is it really that efficient in burning body fat? Unfortunately not!This was confuted by several studies in the field of metabolic research. The scientists found out that a high intensity interval training provokes bigger effects on energetic metabolism than a duration method. On the one hand, the high intensity burns more calories because of the excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) which occurs after the Workout (the so-called after burner effect).On the other hand, the physical endurance is improved enormously. Despite the short workout duration the aerobic capacity (gain of energy with oxygen) increases by 14% and the anaerobic capacity (gain of energy without oxygen) even by 28%.

So keep it short and sweet!

An example: Tabata Interval Method8 x 20 seconds of exposure10 seconds rest in between roundsFor further information see a blog post about burning fat in the best possible way.
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