We build our own functional training gym!

Momma always says, ‘in the end, everything will be good’, and then she grabs the kettlebell. And she is absolutely right, in the end the brand-new aerobis showroom is more than good! We don’t want to show off but see for yourself. Maybe, you will also be training here in the future.aerobis FuncMove GYM - vorher und nachherAs you may have already seen in the past few weeks, we have done a lot here. From first concepts, to measuring, to laying the floor, installing the verso360 training frames, and equipping the gym with a whole range of training gear, we have put on the thinking cap and used the good old brains and brawns. At the end, we have moved almost 3 tons of weight, drilled 90 holes, and used nearly 200 screws. But we did it with pride and passion. And the result speak for themselves.

Putting the pieces together

For the last step in our ‘Build your own gym’ series we had to do a lot of little tasks like drilling the Rope Mounts for our Blackthorn Battle Ropes into the concrete base at the end of our gym. Additionally, we had to install accessories for the verso360 frames like the verso360 Plate Loader, install the sound system and simply hang up the banner covering two walls. No wait! ‘Simply’ is not the right word here because that was certainly not an easy task. The first enormous banner is 20 m long and 4 m high and covers the biggest wall in the FuncMove GYM. We had to get the fork lift, put a box on the forks, lift that box (and the person and material in it), hang up the loops, get the steel rope, and thread the ropes through the loops one after the other. A drama with five acts and an encore. It was a delight and we were happy to do it again with the second banner for the second wall… In this step, we have also installed our 6 m long climbing ropes on the hall ceiling. You can see: we aim high!

What does the future hold?

But why stay in the past when such a bright future lies ahead? In the FuncMove GYM, muscles will be trained, bodies optimized, and sweat will be running. And not only our sweat, too! It may be the sweat of numerous clients whose Personal Trainers have chosen the aerobis GYM as their residency for their daily work. Or that of workshop participants whose organizer was looking for the perfect location in Cologne. Because the aerobis GYM can be rented!This is what you will get: 120 sqm stuffed with high-quality functional training equipment, training frames with countless possibilities, a powerful sound system, changing rooms with showers, toilets – and everything with central heating. There are enough parking spots in front of the building. The aerobis GYM is located in the west of Cologne, the autobahn is right around the corner, and the suburban railway is just a few minutes away.You want to see it for yourself? Come over and pay us a visit. We love having guests (but we will probably be all out of cookies)!Now there is only one thing left: Get functional! Your Fabien
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  1. Fitness Studio Freund
    Fitness Studio Freund says:

    Wow, das sieht schon richtig gut aus. Aber da muss man auch erstmal ganz schön investieren. Aber ich denke wenn man dann sein eigenes Fitness Studio in Baar oder wo auch immer zusammengestellt hat, fühlt sich das sicher gut an und erlaubt ein sehr individuelles Training! :)

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