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Brace yourself. Winter is coming… as does your belly fat! Adjust your training.

Training in winter

The days are getting darker and the weather is getting colder. There is no denying. We are heading into the dark, cold months of winter. This is an interesting time for fitness enthusiasts. Summer is behind us and we tend to cover ourselves more in sweaters, jackets, and blankets instead of bikinis or tight clothing. The motivation of going to the gym can be replaced by a warm fire, a nice beverage or two, and doing a whole lot of NOTHING. On the other end of the spectrum there are many that look forward to this time of year. Why? Snow. Snow brings on a whole bunch of activities that we do not get to experience the rest of the year unless you like the fake snow in warm weather.

Skiing/Snowboarding and Indoor Rock Climbing

Hitting the slopes is a phenomenal ways to mix things up and challenge ourselves while having a fun time. It is a total body exercise relying on strength, power, endurance, mobility, stability, coordination, balance, and reaction. Obviously there is a ton of skill involved and it will take you a few runs down the bunny hill before you can get on the more advanced slopes or hills. It is a great challenge to your anaerobic or aerobic system depending on your level and what you have access to.Rock Climbing on the other hand has really increased in popularity in the US. Indoor rock climbing is popping up in gyms all over and people are enjoying it for sure. Bodyweight strength, grip work (which many of us need), endurance are all challenged, and it is another way to challenge yourself and have a great time while putting your body to work.

What’s the alternative?

What are we to do if we do not have access to either of those or need other options to do during the week? Well that is easy my friends. It’s time for the blackPack!!! Yes there are other options out there BUT none have the versatility or ability of blackPack. The blackPack is aerobis version of strength bag training. blackPack® strength bags not only offer a great and effective way to improve your weight training, but the unique design also makes them extremely versatile to offer you an almost infinite amount of training options. Whether you fill it with sand or water, the blackPack® strength bags are the perfect solution for your functional weight training.

blackPack challenges

Below I have attached two blackPack Workout Challenges I have used with my NBA and European basketball players as well as my regular fitness clients. No matter what level of fitness you are at the blackPack has your BACK!*bP = blackPackWeight Option is up to you. 10kg – beginners 20kg – advanced 30kg – King blackPack

The blackPack Circuit

2:00 total time, 0:30 each exercise MAX REPS Rest 3:00 repeat 3-4x
  • bP Hang Clean Squat
  • Push Ups
  • BP Front Squats
  • BP Bent Over Row

The blackPack BlackJack 21 (For all of you gamblers out there)

Do 7 reps of each exercise, then 14, then 21. Rest only when needed.
  • bP Right Leg Reverse Lunge (lateral lunge is a great option for ski/snowboarders)
  • bP Overhead Press
  • bP Left Leg Reverse Lunge
  • bP Overhead Static Hold / Lower body knees to standing
(If you want to see more of this workout check out the aerobis blog. The guys have tested it and posted a description of the exercises and shared their experiences.)All exercises are done with form and precision. Technique first!Best of luck this winter everyone and do your best to stay active! As the temperature outside goes down find a way to bring the heat up for yourself indoors or outdoors.Yours in Strength Jim Ferris
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