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5 exercises for eternity

Imagine you were stranded on a desert island. What are the 5 exercises you would take with you? Or to put it another way: Aliens have taken control of the earth and force mankind to ban all but 5 exercises from the history books of physical education, which ones would you want to keep? Why do we ask such stupid questions? Today we just want to concentrate on the essentials. Having innumerable exercise possibilities is all very well, but if you simply have to make the most effective training out of the smallest amount of time (modern life and so on), you are sure to ask yourself which exercises would be best suited for it. We’ll tell you the 5 best exercises that are guaranteed to make you stronger, faster, and fitter.

pull-ups man training weight vest

Exercise 1: Pull-up

A movement that is certainly not taken into account in modern life is the pull-up. On the one hand, we no longer have to pull ourselves up somewhere in everyday life to get where we want to go. On the other hand, most recreational athletes do not dare to tackle this supposedly difficult exercise at all. However, there is no better exercise for the upper body. When done correctly, it strengthens not only the back, but also the grip, the lower and upper arms, the shoulders and the core. And it is precisely because we spend most of our time in front of the computer these days and our upper body is forced into an unhealthy, inactive position for hours, that we advocate pull-ups in all variations. The best place to do this is of course the Workout Station, which fits in every home and at the same time offers installation options for the rest of your equipment. You need this among other things for…

Exercise 2: Push-ups

Speaking of upper body: Push-ups belong in every training plan. We are happy to offer different variations such as bench press, in Sling Trainer or with resistance bands. The main thing is to push a resistance away from your upper body to the front. A strong chest does not only look good in men and women, but the interaction of chest musculature, shoulders and core results in a functional exercise, which completely challenges your upper body and is the perfect complement to pull-ups. If you experiment a bit with the movement and, for example, install a Powerpress on the aeroSling in your plan, you will also actively involve your Core. This gives us two exercises that almost completely address your upper body. But one is still missing!

Exercise 3: Dips

With pull-ups and push-ups we concentrated on the large muscles in the back and chest. Dips now focus on the shoulders and arms, even if the chest has to do some work as well. This allows us to focus on the remaining areas of the upper body that are not yet completely covered by the other two exercises. It is also important to train the shoulders in several directions, as our shoulder joint is the most articulated in our body. It is designed to use strength in almost all directions, so it naturally needs the appropriate training impulses from us. Dips are also used to specifically address the triceps, i.e. the arm extension. Even if every disco pumper in the world has probably chosen the bicep as the most important (arm) muscle: The triceps is the actual t-shirt muscle and makes your arms look big and strong.

Exercise 4: Squats

Who had hoped now that the 5 best whole body exercises would get along without leg exercises, is wrong enormously. Never skip leg day is one of our most important beliefs and this is not only because we like to wear shorts in summer and don’t want to be ashamed. The legs are simply an elementary part of our body, which accommodates some of the largest muscles we have in our body. Those who also see strength training as a weight loss measure cannot avoid leg training. The big muscles want to be constantly supplied with energy and burn a lot of calories. Squats are not only a great leg exercise, but they demand the entire core, the interaction of large muscle chains and your nervous system. Squats are the best exercise to stimulate your body to produce growth hormones that not only benefit your legs, but your whole body. So the best way to start your next workout is with heavy squats!

deadlift woman training resistance bands

Exercise 5: Deadlifts

Some love them, others hate them: deadlifting is an exercise that simply has a special appeal. Nothing gives you a stronger feeling of being strong than lifting a heavy weight off the ground with your own hands. With this, the exercise is already comprehensively explained. Quite simple actually, but the effects are manifold. In addition to a fearsome grip and strong legs, deadlifting also gives you a strong core, especially in the lower back. This is the region that suffers the most from sitting for several hours. So this exercise is perfect for fighting the modern complaints of the keyboard warrior. There’s a crunchy butt on top, so what are you waiting for? Just grab the barbell and a few weight plates during your next workout. And when you’re on the road, just grab a alphaband resistance band. Of course, you always have to make sure that your movements are clean, but then you can quickly try weights you didn’t think possible. Because with no other exercise will you move as much weight as with the deadlift.

Once classic, always classic

You see, these 5 exercises are all you need to train as effectively as possible. The exercises mentioned are all classics, which certainly don’t reinvent the wheel, but are rightly performed every day by fitness enthusiasts all over the world. Of course it can be useful in individual cases to put in one or the other additional exercise, which strengthens certain muscle groups or supports the 5 big exercises, but the majority of all fitness athletes is best served with these 5 exercises to get the most effective training in the shortest time. Let the aliens just come and ban the other exercises from the history books. We are ready and are probably doing one of the exercises mentioned at that moment.

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