Fitness equipment test – What products are out there and how good are they?

Germany is definitely the country of testers. Almost everything is tested; from toasters to cars to fitness equipment. Basically tests are very helpful and can give you a good overview of the strengths and weaknesses of a product. However, we think it is wrong to blindly trust every test, especially fitness equipment tests. Especially with fitness equipment and for us in the special training equipment of functional training, it depends very much on the user and the use whether the fitness equipment is really the best. In addition, there is no test in which all products available on the market are tested. So some products are always disregarded.

Nevertheless, as already mentioned, we find fitness equipment tests very good for orientation. As a manufacturer of functional fitness equipment, it helps us to get to know the effect of our equipment on users even better. The tests help every user to get an overview of the market and to recognize differences between the products. So we are happy about every test. And of course we are even more happy about the tests in which we do well. Besides the well-known test institutes like the magazines Fit for Fun, Stiftung Warentest and Men Healths there are some newer platforms that test products. Quite far with in front and respectable are here,,, and ETM magazine to call.

Thus here now an overview of the Fitnessgeräte tests in those products of our marks aeroSling, blackthorn, blackpack, alphaband and revvll were considered.

Fitness equipment tests 2019 by effect proofed

The effect proofed team has tested three of our products. Effect proofed is a platform specialized in testing functional training products. The products are tested by the experts of effect proofed’s partner network. If the products pass the expert test, they receive a certificate. Of our products the alphaband resistance bands, the ELITE Plus sling trainer and the endless rope trainer revvll PRO have been tested. All three have passed the practical test with flying colours and received the effect proofed certificate.

Test result of the aeroSling ELITE Plus

The effect proofed judges the aeroSling ELITE Plus as follows:

The smooth-running rope allows a smooth and even motion sequence. The various loops, loops and grips make many different exercises possible. The instability during training with free ropes promotes the build-up of the deep lying muscle regions and increases the balance. The loops allow the rope trainer to be used on any stable object. Low weight and compact size make it an ideal companion for trips.

Click here for the complete test certificate of the aeroSling ELITE Plus ST-0004

Test result of the revvll PRO endless rope trainer

The effect proofed assesses the revvll PRO as follows:

The rope trainer allows various exercises. Sitting, standing, inclined towards the trainer, or facing away, pulling or pushing. In this way the most different muscle groups are trained. The rope must be moved continuously, so that the muscles are permanently challenged and an effective training is possible. The resistance can be adjusted so that the trainer is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The quite compact size and loops allow the revvll PRO to be transported and also used outside..

Click here for the complete test certificate of the revvll PRO endless rope trainer ST-0005

test result alphaband resistance bands

The effect proofed evaluates the alphaband resistance bands as follows:

The bands can be used to perform various exercises for the upper and lower body. Beginners and professionals get their money’s worth with different resistance levels. The combination of the ligaments makes it possible to ideally adjust the degree of severity and make the training even more effective. The small size and weight of the product make it a portable gym. The antibacterial and odourless material retains its elasticity even after many uses and is therefore extremely durable..

Click here for the complete test certificate of the alphaband resistance bands ST-0006

Suspension Trainer test 2019 by

As with all tests, not everything is correct, complete and perfectly compared. But on with 17 tested sling trainers published test is already very extensive and well succeeded. You really get a good brand overview here. Our sling trainers all perform very well. Our Elite Plus is ranked second with a test score of 1.16, directly followed by our sling trainer Elite with a score of 1.18. Our lightest sling trainer of the XPE is still ranked eighth. This test result shows us again that we are doing a good job. But we wouldn’t be the aerobis if we didn’t have ideas again to become even better. But first of all we are happy about the very good test results of our sling trainers on

Suspension Trainer test 2018 by

Test result: Very Good

The test result from is certainly no conincidence. The test at confirms: the aeroSling ELITE is simply ‘very good’. This test also praises the high quality of the material and the benefits of the pulley. The exchangeable handles are also mentioned because you can replace them when needed with additional accessories like the Flex Handles.

Wenn ihr noch mehr über den Schlingentrainer Test erfahren möchtet findet ihr den ganzen Testbericht auf is one of the best websites for Functional Training

It’s cool to be a nerd

While we’re at it: our homepage has also raked in the best grade. And since we have put so much effort into our web appearance we think it is totally fine to present our awesome

What was subject of the test?

Our website was put to the acid test. From the product portfolio, to usability, shipping, and to security and support, there is no aspect of our page that hasn’t been tested thoroughly. Sure, we think our homepage is also very nice to look at but that wasn’t a big part of the test. That might not even be a bad thing because there is no accounting for taste. However, it is much more inportant that Youi, who’s using our website right now, find exactly what you are looking for and even a little bit more. That’s what we are working hard for every day.

Die komplette Bewertung unserer Seite könnt ihr euch hier anschauen.

Suspension Trainer tests 2016 – aeroSling ELITE beats the competition

Self-praise is no recommendation…

… and that’s why we are so happy that we can now refer to independent sources that agree with us. Obviously, we are convinced that our products are the best possible training equipment for functional training but it is very satisfying when others see it the same way we do. Following are a few of the test results and awards that our products have recently accumulated.

The aeroSling ELITE takes home the lead!

In a comparison of several renowned sling trainers, the aeroSling ELITE has gotten the overall mark 1.3 and, thus, putting the competition in the shade.

Den kompletten Test könnt ihr euch auf: anschauen.

Customers rate aerobis

Hello, we are very satisfied with our previous order (Battle Rope and revvll PRO). For intense club use, the equipment is always in perfect condition. Congratulations for the quality of your products.

Coach Riad Bel – Muay Thai School 92 Bologne

We are tested every day

Getting an award or a seal from a test is certainly awesome and we are really proud of the grade A because we have received it for something that is so important for us: our products and our homepage. However, we are not only tested by organizations like Netzsieger or warenvergleich, but by users like you that visit our homepage or use our training equipment every single day. So leave us a comment below this blog post to tell us where and how we can improve. We see it as with our fitness training: there is always something to do and always room for improvements. Let us know how we can become even better!

Sportive greetings
your aerobis team