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Paul Kliks is motivational Coach and trainer in munich. He has several projects in which he uses his experience in sports, nutrition, and psychology to bring his clients to their goal.

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The training pattern of the opposing Pyramids

Just two exercises that will challenge you more or less. Have fun with this demanding workout! The exercises Exercise 1 is rowing with a sling trainer. Choose an intensity as high as possible. Positioning your feet closer to the suspension point will increase the resistance, positioning your feet away from the suspension point will decrease […]

RAAM 2013 the world´s hardest bike race

The Race Across America (RAAM) is one the most famous bike races of the world. RAAM athletes need to cover 4.800 km distance and 50.000 height meters as fast as possible. German citizin Günter Haas participated in this years´RAAM but he was not alone. Besides a professional team he had an aeroSling ELITE with him. […]