About Jens Dreyer

I have already experienced some things in my life that I didn't want anymore. One of these things was chronic knee pain over a period of 7 years. I have always felt the urge to look for solutions to my problems. And I have found many truths. Truths about what I had to do in order to fix those problems. Most times, following these truths didn't bring the desired result. As I continued to walk on step by step I finally found what really works in our life: our thoughts and feelings. Today, my passion is promoting the understanding of the inner and outer nature of the human being and to accompany my clients during the initiation of problem solving.

In this profession I accompany people in tough life phases in seminars, individual coachings, and mentorings. The goals are always to convey knowledge connections for a relaxed life, supporting the initiation of rediscovering one's own feelings, and, by looking at the signal effects of current personal circumstances, initiiating problem solutions.
All of this happens preferentially in the sense-ful nature of the Weserbergland. By sensibly entering nature our perception and our familiar perspective and mindset change. Something new can emerge.

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