About Marius Seifert

Marius is founder and director of CrossOver – Functional & Athletic Training in Munich. After his career as a Coach at Eisenhauer Training in Hannover (2000 – 2001) and at the Fitnesspark Munich GmbH (2001-2003), he became director of the Fitnesspark Munich GmbH 2006. In addition, he gathered experience in directing the Fitness Park Westkreuz in Munich. In 2013 he founded his own enterprise. Click here to visit Marius homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Entries by Marius Seifert

Warm-up only with cold feet?

Especially now, in the cold time of year, you have to pay attention to staying warm all the time. But how does a correct wamr-up work? According to the recent consensus in science a warm-up doesn’t have much in common with the former understanding of a quick running unit, a few static stretches, and some […]