About Jim Ferris

Jim Ferris is a Philadelphia based trainer whose clientele includes professional athletes, local teams, everyday fitness enthusiasts, and maybe a celebrity or two depending on who is in town. Jim is known for his work in the basketball community from training with the Philadelphia 76ers for many years and training several NBA players that live their offseason in the Philadelphia area. Jim’s expertise in the training field, along with his dynamic and creative training style keeps players, coaches and clients coming back year after year. Click here to visit James homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Entries by Jim Ferris

The Smart Method

I believe in looking at the method below and applying it. It really helps us see the big picture. We all want to be in a position to excel and succeed. If you fail to prepare properly it will be tough to succeed. I am not saying it is impossible BUT it is going to […]

Posture and Core Training

Often times when I start working with new client it takes time for them to adjust to the training system and program design I am trying to implement. The training of “the core” topic is often brought up at the end of sessions by new clients. Here are a few questions and comments I always […]

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