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Introducing: the new alphabands elastic bands

By show of hands: who of you has at least one powerband and uses it more or less regularly in your workouts, e.g. as support for pull-ups? I am sure that if I was standing in front of all of you I would now be looking at a sea of hands just like Katy Perry during her last world tour. But resistance bands can do so much more. With our brand new alphabands we have just released a product that looks like a powerband but which uses the potential of this form of training far better.

FIBO 2016 – Review

So this was FIBO 2016 IN CASE I MIGHT BE YELLING AT YOU: THAT IS BECAUSE IT WAS SO LOUD AT FIBO. Thus, it was perfectly acceptable to yell at your opposite if you wanted to understand each other at least a bit. Especially when you had to settle for a language that isn’t the […]

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