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Alexandra Biernat has a diploma in sports science (German Sports University Cologne) and doctoral candidate of her university. She works as personal trainer, sports therapist und Instructor for kettlebell-fitness.de in the most beautiful city at the Rhine. Click here to visit Alex site here to follow her on Facebook.

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Sport During Pregnancy

Sport during pregnancy – an experience report As a personal trainer and after reveiling my sweet little secret I was often confronted with questions about training and pregnancy. Since this is my first pregnancy I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in this field. Insecurities and fears are probably a common companion for women in this […]

Functional Fitness vs. traditional Strength Training

Functional fitness has become the current trend in fitness training. Its origin goes back to a training method used by physiotherapists for, especially, rehabilitative purposes. This special training method has long been an integral part of high-performance sport in the USA. In the year 2006, functional training gained public recognition in Germany when the German […]