The new alphaband Trainer is our all-in-one strength training solution

The optimal alternative

It was always our intent to have alphaband primarily represent a superior alternative to other resistance training options. You can always cram lots of dumbbells and a barbells with the respective weight plates into your fitness room. Or you can use equipment that combines all the advantages of weight training with only a fraction of the space requirements. With the new alphaband Trainer we present a all-in-one solution for your strength training needs.

5 good reasons

Bar- and dumbbells have been the go-to solution for resistance training for ages. If you want to present an alternative you need good arguments. The alphaband Trainer has five:

  • Switch resistances in seconds. Need a single band for an exercise? Easily connect and remove it from the central suspension
  • Single bands can be combined to adjust the resistance to your needs
  • Movements in virtually all directions are possible
  • One product, all ability levels: 150 kg of resistance in less than 1 kg self-weight
  • No smell, no latex, and usable indoors and outdoors

Now try it yourself!

The alphaband Trainer is almost an entire gym stored in just a small bag. Don’t believe it? Make sure to try it yourself and feel the results of this unique system – experience the alphaband trainer (formerly alphaband Set PRO).

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