Why aeroSling deflection pulley sling training is the ideal fitness base for you

The foundation of fitness

Fitness is a concept that is very hard to define. What does ‘being fit’ really mean? Are you fit when you can lift heavy things but you can’t run very fast? Are you fit when you can run for hours but pull-ups are an impossible task for you? A typical bodybuilder and a regular marathon runner would certainly see themselves as fit. But they are certainly unfit in certain athletic areas that they don’t need to train for. At least, when you compare them to other athletes of different sports. Being fit only in certain aspects is fine when you are a professional athlete that earns a living in a competitive sport. All you have to do is become the best at what you do, no matter the side effects or lacking abilities in other areas that don’t contribute to your professional success. However, for most hobby athletes and fitness enthusiasts a certain foundation of fitness is more important than particular skills in one aspect. Here, you strive to achieve a certain level of fitness in all athletic aspects of your game. And that’s when the aeroSling comes into play.

One for all

The aeroSling suspension trainer with the innovative deflection pulley offers you a wide array of training possibilities. You can virtually train any body part and any muscle. And you can choose whether you want to focus on single muscles or work on chains of muscles in more or less complicated movement patterns. Take the two Instagram posts below for example. Our follower @penelopetourtoura has posted two videos of her workouts with the aeroSling and you can see the difference immediately. In one video, she focusses on her biceps and works on her strength. In the other video, she also works on her strength but she does so in a complex movement pattern that incorporates several muscle groups. Thus, she trains her coordination as well and improves the muscle mind connection. She can switch from a very isolated exercise to a complex pattern and she doesn’t even have to change the setup of the aeroSling. This shows how versatile aeroSling suspension training can be. When you take into account the countless exercises the aeroSling offers you can see that it is the perfect tool for every athlete to lay the foundation of fitness – regardless of their individual goal. You can train strength, coordination, endurance, and a combination of everything with one tool and one setup.

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