It has been crazy 8 years

When I created the aeroSling prototype for my own training in 2008, I wouldn’t have dared to guess what would become out of it. I had zero experience in marketplace economics (still don’t), margins, and a busy day job as an consultant. Back then, the dynamic sling trainer concept first and foremost solved my own biggest issue. I was bored out of my mind with traditional training in the gym and literally unable to motivate myself to train consistently. It turned out that friends liked the product so much that I was able to sell a few units on the side. Something I continued to do until the business was big enough to support me and my family full time.

Change is hard

Changing something that is already working very well is a lot harder than starting with a clean slate. Most people don’t favor change very much and it becomes a gamble with higher stakes to do it anyway. Over the last years, aeroSlings weren’t changed at all and I continued with other projects like the anti-allergic alphabands and crazy revvll rope trainers. In the back of my head I accumulated ideas to improve the aeroSling line-up but never implemented it because it basically means a shitload lot of work not only for me but for the whole team and even our distributors to change everything, from prices to pictures to print.

Aesthetics matter… a little

I am going to be quite frank here – part of the change is to also improve recognition value as an aerobis product. I have never put design before functionality but over the last year I noticed that while more and more fitness equipment manufacturers integrate our products into their offerings (which is awesome) no consumer could tell that these products are built by aerobis. For me, having created the products and brands, it was always crystal-clear but only people close to us really knew it, too. A classic case of tunnel vision. The challenge for us is to give our products a distinct aerobis look while still making it look subtle and not scream at people visually. The solution for this is to implement our distinct two-color contrast of bright blue and black.

aeroSling 2017 models

We’ll change the whole line-up and decrease the pricing of all products substantially while increasing functionality and not making any compromises on quality. Sounds like magic? It is.

aeroSling XPE

aeroSling XPE sling trainer with deflection pulley 2017 model productIt is our entry-level aeroSling and also by far the lightest product. We will not add or substract anything other than the price. The old retail price of 139 EUR incl. VAT now goes down to 119 EUR. We also add the bright blue main rope as the only color option as well as the blue contrast stitching and blue grip knot release strap to improve usability for first time users.

aeroSling ELITE and sets

aeroSling ELITE sling trainer with deflection pulley 2017 model productWe made the product better and decreased the retail price from 189 to a stunning 149 EUR incl. VAT. The ELITE features the new, bright blue main rope, stitching and grip knot release strap. It also has the new, seamlessly adjustable grip system and a broader, softer grip strap.aeroSling sling trainer handle adjustment foot strapsThis new system is a big deal. It enables adjustment to any foot size but there is more to it. For many people doing sling training grip strength becomes a limiting factor in pulling exercises. With our new grip loop system you can supplement your grip strength without the band limiting your movement or becoming uncomfortable. The grip handles are still micro-adjustable so you can still turn them in- or outwards on the grip sling for anatomically correct movements.This is a major improvement and we made sure to test this for years before implementing it as a standard in the aeroSling ELITE. The new ELITE will get our one-piece glass fiber reinforced plastic handles. These simple handles are made in Germany and can withstand anything in any environment. That is why we support this claim through a 10 year warranty for the handles.The new aeroSling ELITE has one advantage set called aeroSling ELITE Set BASIC that bundles it with our T-Mount wall- and ceiling mount. This set was originally priced at 239 EUR and is now 179 EUR incl. VAT!

aeroSling ELITE Plus

aeroSling ELITE Plus sling trainer with deflection pulley 2017 model productThe ELITE Plus is our high-end dynamic sling trainer and simply the best that money can buy. The aeroSling ELITE Plus has the steepest price drop and goes from 269 EUR to 189 EUR incl. VAT while also offering superior functionality to the older model.As the name suggests, it is basically an aeroSling ELITE and therefore also has the new bright blue main rope, stitching, grip knot release strap, as well as seamlessly adjustable grip loops. See aeroSling ELITE for more details on the grip loop.Additionally, the ELITE Plus comes with our custom Germany-made “UltraPulley” that increases the instability and therefore the training challenge substantially.aeroSling ELITE Plus handle foot strapsThe ELITE Plus also features our premium aluminium core handles that are coated with studio-grade, haptic plastic. The increased mass of the handles glides smoothly and silently over the grip loop textile during exercises.aeroSling ELITE plus handle foot strapThe new aeroSling ELITE Plus has two advantage sets called aeroSling ELITE Set PRO and aeroSling ELITE Set APE.The aeroSling ELITE Set PRO used to be 319 EUR and is now 239 EUR incl. VAT. It contains:
  • aeroSling ELITE Plus
  • aeroSling T-Mount wall/ceiling mount
  • 1x Flex Handle XL
The aeroSling ELITE Set APE used to be 379 EUR and is now 319 EUR incl. VAT. It contains:
  • aeroSling ELITE Plus
  • aeroSling T-Mount wall/ceiling mount
  • 2x Flex Handle
  • 1x Flex Handle XL
  • 1x PowerSpring
All aeroSlings also get a boost on the max load marking. They are now rated for training with up to 200 kg of load.There you have it. We kept what makes aeroSling unique and improved all parts that we thought could be improved while cutting prices considerably. I hope you like the improvements and are as excited as I am to see even more people train with aeroSling.Sportive Greetings from Cologne, ElmarPS: Here you can find all the facts about the new aeroSling models in an overview.
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