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aerobis shares know-how with Outdoor Gym

The Outdoor Gym slogan has always been: go outside! This weekend, however, they all got inside. The regional managers and trainers of Outdoor Gym from all across Germany came together in our new aerobis showroom to receive or freshen up their aeroSling sling trainer and Blackthorn Battle Rope knowledge.Our long-lasting cooperation with the Bonn-based company of Felix Klemme does not only include training equipment, but also imparting the philosophy behind our products.
The Outdoor Gym crew in the FuncMove GYM by aerobis
Although there have been some cancellations there were still 21 people participating. Thus, it quickly became really snuggly in our humble gym. After a short introduction to the Functional Movement and how aerobis understands it, the next item on the agenda were optimal utilization and handling basics of the aeroSling sling trainer. Even though the biggest part of the trainers are already using the aeroSling for their daily training for several years now, there were still some ‘aha!’ experiences. The aeroSling is a multi-functional tool that can surprise even the most experienced users with new exercises. The pulley not only offers additional impulses in the form of a slight instability but also increases the number of possible movements and exercises almost infinitely. ‘I have learned some awesome exercises today. This alone already justifies coming here today!’ says Benni Kortwig, regional manager from Moers.
Thanks to the deflection pulley the aeroSling is also suitable for partner exercises
After a short lunch break we turned our attention towards the Blackthorn Battle Rope. We were able to use five Battle Ropes of lengths of up to 20 m at the same time. There’s room in the smallest of hovels! All participants were active and had short intervals to test out the different possibilities to make waves and circles in different intensities. But we wouldn’t be aerobis if we didn’t think outside the box and two or three steps ahead. ‘Why use the Battle Rope as a swinging weight all the time? Why not use the own weight of the rope differently? And what about partner exercises?’ were the questions that Fabi, our manager of training & education, was asking. The answers resulted in a lot of new input for the participants.
Why not use the own weight of the Battle Rope?
The Outdoor Gym trainers learned a lot but for us this event was also a valuable experience that we would love to repeat in one form or the other. The feedback that we received for our products is invaluable, really! Ultimately, the Outdoor Gym trainers are the ones working with our aeroSling sling trainers and the Blackthorn Battle Ropes each and every day under the toughest conditions – in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The products are exposed to dirt, water, sunlight, and snow constantly and their quality really shines through here. When 22 trainers get together, there is bound to be a workout at some point so we finished the day with a little revvll challenge that reliably burned all the energy that was left. What a blast!
revvll Challenge: revvll Challenge: Who can do the most rotations in one minute?
We hope that our Outdoor Gym friends had a lot to take away from our training philosophy and basics to fill their training sessions with fun and enthusiasm, regardless of the weather. We, for our part, had lots of fun really putting our FuncMove GYM to the test for the first time. We are already looking forward to the next time! And you, dear reader, please check out Outdoor Gym’s homepage!Sportive greetings, Benjamin
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