aerobis meets Heartcore Athletics

aerobis meets Heartcore Athletics for a hard workout (with video)

Coach Paul and Coach Andi of the Outdoor Fitness Bus met up with CrossFit expert Art of Heartcore Athletics to present you a series of cool outdoor training videos. The results are challenging sling trainer exercises, squat variations with the blackPack Sand/Aqua bag, and log tosses with an ultimate fitness classic, the medicine ball. Of course all exercises come with helpful instructions so you can do them yourself at home.The trainers start off with a squat exercise with the blackPack ESY Sandbag, here it is the set with a Loading-Bag AQUA. Due to the liquid weight load the exercises become significantly more demanding than with stable weight loads which Coach Paul can experience quickly. The next exercises are log tosses with a medicine ball. Coach Andi breaks a sweat early with this explosive workout.The third exercise is a sling training classic in a especially challenging variant. For this our Sling Trainer is your best choice because of its handles which grip slings give you more support during heavy exercises. This way you can focus on the targeted muscle groups and the movements without being hindered by fading grip strength. As Art says in the video: even 3 repetitions are already tough!But why don’t you see for yourself and get started?
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