aerobis meets BASE TRAINING in Frankfurt (incl. Video)

aerobis accompanied BASE TRAINING during their opening of their functional training gym in the Hessian metropolis

As a partner of AMIGA womens fitness in Frankfurt we have already equipped their clubs with our aeroSling sling trainers two years ago. AMIGA has long been integrating functional training as a significant part of their master plan.At the end of 2014 AMIGA started a new project. BASE TRAINING was developed as a compact gym that focusses solely on functional training. aerobis has been involved from the start and helped develop a concept for the space planning.The goal was to design a highly-variable training zone that is suitable for group training as well as individual training. The gym should offer a big open space for athletic training or boxing training while at the same time including a big range of equipment for many constantly new and diversified training impulses. The requirement was to integrate a frame that is as diversified as possible while taking up as little space as possible. The frame should offer all the fundamental exercises like squats and pull-ups and work as the platform for various extensions with resistance bands, sling trainers, the new revvll PRO rope trainer, and other functional equipment. Additionally, BASE TRAINING wanted to include monkey bars that offered climbing and brachiating exercises.




Individual ceiling hand-over-hand ladder by verso360 – BASE Training in Frankfurt

The result is a unique playground for adults

In the end, there was a free, multifunctional training ground that offers everything that aerobis stands for: a mix of innovative fitness equipment, like the aeroSling sling trainer that offers rotational and alternating movement patterns thanks to the unique pulley, the revvll PRO rope trainer for intense pulling and pushing exercises, and classics for free training like the ATX Soft Ball med balls or the alphaband Elastic Bands.

Here are some impressions:

Impressions of BASE TRAINING in Frankfurt

What BASE TRAINING says about the cooperation with aerobis

Tobias Hopf
“aerobis products set new standards in functional training. Since we have already integrated the aeroSling ELITE in three of our AMIGA Clubs successfully two years ago, it was clear to us that we wanted to rely on and actively use the qualities of aerobis for BASE TRAINING – our brand-new functional training club. The reasons are obvious: aerobis offer high-quality flexible solutions for floor, wall, and ceiling. Variable products at fair prices, the whole product range from one source, and an outstanding service are what makes this cooperation so interesting and successful. BASE TRAINING thrives on the quality and competence of our coaches who are 100% convinced of aerobis, make the training for our customers fun with the help of aerobis products, inspire them, and infect them with the ‘functional fever’! BASE TRAINING joined the Functional Movement!
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