100 years Tarzan – Why Tarzan would have been an aeroSling fan

Exactly one hundred years ago Tarzan, the story figure and later hero of many movies, saw the light of day

A noble son of a British lord, his parents died when he was still a baby left him to grow up in a family of apes in an African jungle. He learns their language and becomes part of their society. Later in life he meets up with Jane, daughter of an English scientist, and follows her back to civilization. However, in the long run he finds this unbearable and returns to the jungle.

Tarzan would have been a great fan of the aeroSling. This is easily explained:

  1. Swinging from tree to tree holding on to lianas closely resembles exercising with the aeroSling-Slingtrainer.
  2. Although lianas are quite sturdy and highly flexible, they do have a tendency to tear every now and then. This cannot happen with the aeroSling. Here, the artificial lianas are TÜV tested against tearing, guaranteeing high safety with all the positive effects of the functional and flexible instability training.
  3. Since Tarzan grew up romping around in the jungle with his new family of apes, he was never confronted with any strict training methods such as fitness equipment. All of his life, however, he did apply functional training – a training method closely resembling that made possible with the aeroSling. aeroSling training is functional training based on your own body weight.
  4. Of course, when traveling through the jungle, Tarzan never used a backpack or similar carry-all. Therefore he would have been thrilled by the mobility and the simple and easy transport of the aeroSling.
  5. Each individual part of the aeroSling consists of high-quality materials individually chosen to resist extreme loads. Especially with regard to outdoor use for which the aeroSling is ideally suited, Tarzan could have depended on the aeroSling’s high durability.
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